Since his death, Nipsey Hussle's siblings and the rapper's ex Tanisha Foster have been embroiled in a court battle over the custody of Hussle and Foster's daughter. In the latest development, Foster is reportedly planning to seek control of the late rapper's estate. 

Foster is preparing to fight Hussle's brother Sam Asghedom's request to be named the administrator of the $2 million the rapper left behind, according to TMZ. Asghedom filed documents with a judge to be appointed the administrator. A hearing is set for June 10.

Because Hussle did not have a will in place dictating the allocation of his wealth, the California state law mandates that his remaining net worth/posthumous profits be divided evenly between his two children. Although it is unclear why she's allegedly seeking authority over the estate, Foster also has an ongoing custody battle with Hussle's sister Samantha Smith

As the mother of Hussle's daughter, Foster is entitled to their child's half of the estate until she's 18. Still, Smith has filed for full guardianship of the child, who's currently living with her because the court has temporarily barred Foster's right to physical custody. According to sources, this drove Foster to ask that the judge continue the hearing over Hussle's estate until her custody case has concluded. If she is awarded custody, it is assumed that Foster will then fight Asghedom for control of Hussle's fortune. 

It's still an uphill battle for Foster. Earlier this week a bench warrant was issued for her arrest for failing to attend a mandatory probation hearing. Also, Asghedom is both Nipsey's brother and his longtime business partner. Foster's recent legal troubles will not assist in her plea for custody, while Asghedom's partnership with his brother could sway the court in his favor.