The Game took to IG to recount a story about how Nipsey Hussle encouraged him to squash his beef with Meek Mill

"I got mad at you when you called me about the @meekmill beef trying to squash it & I told you 'stop ridin for these n**gas, this the West' !!! & you told me 'you gone do what you wanna do Chuck & I’m always with you but that’s the bro I’m telling you, I talked to Meek & he ready to let it go,'" Game wrote in the post, which features a picture of Nipsey in front of his Marathon Clothing store. " I didn’t listen, so the beef lingered & then Meek got locked up & I remember feeling really bad about that. Then he got outta jail & in the midst of everything he was going through that day, he called me & said he’d been thinking about me in jail & one of the 1st things he wanted to do when he got out was put our differences aside. So we did. I called you, told you & I could hear the smile thru the phone before you saying “Told You Chuck.... we can do so much more if we are unified in this sh*t”. Your heart bro, your heart. Always pure, always solid." 

Check out the post below.

"Had a beef wit a n***a that could've ended in bloodshed either way. We had difference but when it all boiled down, we were once friends in & out of music," The Game previously wrote about patching things up with Meek, which he eventually did. "As young African American men we grew in similar situations where a lifespan for us was 21 years of age & that is still the age in which most of us coming from where we come from think we'll never make it to."

Shortly before his death, Nipsey spoke about how he and Meek were working on an album. "We’ve been cutting ideas and just getting in. We got a couple records that’s going to go off for the summer. It’s not hard at all we just got to lock in and get the records done," Nipsey said of the collaborative project. "I think Meek elevated, applied the game he got from being in the game for a while and just elevated," Nipsey said of the Philly rapper. 

The Game's latest post isn't the first time he's talked about the passing of his friend Nipsey. Game touched on the history of gangs, Snoop Dogg, and more in his previous Nipsey tribute post.