A teenager in Georgia, no doubt looking to get everyday goods at an affordable price, bumped into Offset at a local Target and attempted to snag a memory in the form of a selfie/video with the rapper. As it turns out he did get a memory, just not the one he was probably looking for, when the Migos member appeared to slap the teen fan's phone out of his hand. 

This interaction had happened earlier in the week, as the fan recording the footage (18-year-old Junior Gibbons) had uploaded it to YouTube on Tuesday, April 23. As you can see in the footage below, Gibbons asked Offset "What's up?" when the rapper got near him, but what resulted was Offset introducing the phone to the floor via a smack. This culminated in the cell's screen getting cracked. Also, after the phone hit the ground Offset told him to get the "f***in' phone out of my face."

Here's footage from the very literally titled "offset smacked my phone out of my hand":

TMZ adds the incident occurred at a Target in Sandy Springs, Georgia this past Monday, and that Offset was in the establishment to get a baby stroller.

Gibbons' mom also tweeted about the incident:

Gibbons has filed a police report, with him and his family looking for the rapper to replace the broken phone.