Lil Xan's tattoos—specifically the ones on his face—have become almost as popular as his music. However, it seems like one Lil Xan fan has dedicated his life (and body) to the cause by mimicking Diego's ink on his own skin. 

On Monday, music fans stumbled across the Instagram page of a man who appears to have all the same tattoos as Lil Xan. The person behind the high.xanxiety account continually posts pictures of the artist while also showing off the ink he got in dedication to his favorite rapper.

This dedication eventually got a shoutout from Lil Xan who took to Instagram to praise him for his commitment.

Although it is uncertain if this is or isn't a troll, what is known is a lot of people want to copy Xan's face tats. In fact, his face tats are so popular that high.xanxiety didn't have to subject himself to the tattooing process to be like his idol. For just $9.00 Lil Xan superfans can purchase a set of temporary tattoos inspired by the ones on Xan's body. And if they happen to have Amazon Prime, it could be in their mailbox the next day.