"Old Town Road" rapper and overnight sensation Lil Nas X has been teasing a Young Thug remix of his breakthrough single, the original of which just landed at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Despite only having one commercially available song to his name, he's on top of the world. However, the rapper might be letting the sudden success go to his head, after he decided to tease his 320k+ Twitter followers by dropping Beyoncé's name.

"Ready to tell them @beyonce," he tweeted with no further explanation. Understandably, Twitter was very excited about whatever it was he was teasing, but it all came crashing down the moment a website decided to publish a story on his tease.

"I was trolling sorry," he responded to the article. Clearly, X's days of running a meme account on Twitter had a huge impact on him.

The huge viral success of "Old Town Road," which was only further assisted by the fantastic Billy Ray Cyrus remix, might have given him the chance to collaborate with Thugger, but Bey isn't quite on the cards just yet.

Meanwhile Lil Nas X has also been teasing his debut album, posting snippets and also joking that it'll just be numerous versions of "Old Town Road."