G Herbo took to Instagram Live early Friday morning to explain his side of the violent altercation involving his baby’s mother, Ariana Fletcher.

The Chicago native proceeded to accuse his ex of stealing the jewelry that he showed on IG Live. As the video kept cutting in and out, Herbo explained that the jewelry was his mother’s. He claimed that during a party at his mother’s house, Fletcher went to his mother’s room and stole some jewelry. He said that when he figured it out, he decided not to get Fletcher in trouble by not reporting the theft.

Herbo then said that Fletcher told him to come to Atlanta to get the stolen items back. “Why you tryin' to make it like I care about you?” he said in the video. “Or your relationship? Or anything you do? I don't give a fuck about you...I love you 'cause you my son's mom, but I don't care about you. I'm with my girl and I'm gon' be with her for a long time.”

“Don't try to make it about anything else but this,” the rapper continued. “You still got $300,000 worth of shit.”’

Fletcher has also purportedly begun rumors that Herbo has herpes. To that he said, “I've never faked it with you a day in my life. You done lied and said all this type of shit. Bitch you know I don't got no STD 'cause you still wanna fuck me. You still want to be with me.” Herbo then said that he knows he’ll never recover his jewelry so he’s now going to file an insurance claim and have Fletcher arrested since “she robbed me, basically.”

On Thursday, news emerged that Herbo had been arrested on battery charges after an argument with Fletcher allegedly turned violent. She reportedly sustained minor injuries from the altercation, per TMZ. Atlanta police said Herbo allegedly assaulted Fletcher during the dispute and left with their son.

When G Herbo returned to the scene, he was questioned by police and arrested on battery charges. His bond was set at $2,000. Fletcher is currently 14 weeks pregnant with another child, to which boxer Gervonta Davis is the father.