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Jhené Aiko has been through a lot of changes since the release of 2017's Trip. Because of this, when the songstress took to Instagram with posts that show she's back in the studio her fans were beside themselves. The hype quickly became a guessing game about any personal issues Jhené will address on the new album. But, the singer quickly ended the speculations.

On Tuesday, Jhené Aiko stopped by the Shade Room's comment section to dead the rumors that her next project will be a peek into the dissolvement of her relationship with Big Sean.

"Me and Sean are good. I got tons of love for him," Aiko said in response to a comment claiming she's going to "snitch" on her ex-boyfriend. The singer then went on to give the fan insight on what to expect from her new album. 

"My next project is all freestyles where I touch on many subjects and relationships... past, present, and future," Aiko explained. "I know you all love the drama and would like to think everything I do is about him, but I've been through plenty of other things and situations that I pull inspiration from when I sit down and create a song. Have a good day."

In the fan's defense, Sean's and Jhené's careers became closely related as their relationship progressed. The two even formed a group called Twenty88 through which they released a popular self-titled album. Also the same day Jhené revealed that she was in the studio, Big Sean reemerged on social media to explain his absence as well as tease some work of his own.

Outside of these seemingly unrelated coincidences, what truly matters is that both Jhené and Big Sean are returning to give their fans what they've been craving the most.