Drake's baby mom Sophie Brussaux clearly has a type. So much so that it was rumored she and Aubrey might have rekindled the flame for the sake of their son. However, those close to the situation quickly killed those suspicions, letting it be known that Brussaux's new man merely resembles Drizzy. 

Shortly after the Paris stop of Drake's Assassination Vacation tour, Brussaux took to social media with a short and quick video clip. In the snippet, the French artist is seen out at dinner with a man who strongly resembles Drizzy. This followed reports that Drake and Brussaux had mastered the art of co-parenting with the rapper treating Sophie to the full V.I.P. experience at his concert. Combining that with the video led many to assume that Drake and Brussaux were on the way to an official relationship. 

But, those close to both parties claim that that's exactly what Brussaux wanted the blogs to think. They say that the man in the video is a Drake lookalike and not the 6 God himself. The sources believe that Brussaux saw the attention growing after her appearance at Drake's concert and decided to post the video to add fuel to the fire.

Although it worked to an extent, those around her did not fully buy into the plan as they quickly revealed the truth. It is unclear why Brussaux would use this stunt-double to flex or if this will affect her growing friendship with Drizzy. But, hopefully, this isn't an act of self-sabotage and Drake continues to build a strong relationship with Adonis. 

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