Earlier this week, Soulja Boy and YouTuber Jake Paul talked about jumping in the ring together for a boxing match. After trading insults over social media, Paul confirmed he was actually interested in fighting the rapper. "There's just a lot of controversy around him, and I think people would like to see him get knocked out," he explained. Soulja Boy has made it clear to TMZ that they both want the fight to happen.

"Jake Paul can't beat me in no fight, you know that," Soulja joked, before confirming the fight is going to happen. "It's really gonna happen though. It's for real. [...] I'll put up the whole record label advance. Jake Paul you a bitch." Paul previously said he'd put up $20 million for the fight if Soulja couldn't cover his half of the wager, explaining that he didn't think the rapper had the money to spare.

"Naw, I don't think he does [have $20 million]," Paul explained to TMZ earlier this week. "He's always like capping." At the end of January, Soulja signed a new deal with Warner/Chapell Music for an undisclosed amount. He announced the deal on his Instagram, proclaiming that he was "the hottest rapper in the game." 


Despite his renewed prominence, this year hasn't all been positive for Soulja. He allegedly beat and kidnapped a woman in his home, and police reportedly visited his Agoura Hills property after receiving a search warrant.