TMZ reports that a woman named Kayla has told police that Soulja Boy kidnapped and beat her in and outside his Los Angeles home. Sources close to the situation say that Kayla has been dating Soulja, and that the incident occurred after the two of them got into a heated argument.

Kayla attempted to leave the property after the argument on early Saturday (Feb. 2) morning, at which point she clipped the curb while backing out of the driveway. Soulja's assistant reportedly saw her clip the curb and the two of them started fighting, at which point Soulja came out to break it up. Kayla has alleged that Soulja punched and kicked her while she was on the ground before taking her into his garage, tying her up to a chair with an extension cord and imprisoning her for six hours.

When she was released later that morning, she contacted police when she made it back to her home. She says that she has three fractured ribs and a concussion from the alleged assault, and was treated for her injuries at a local hospital. Law enforcement have confirmed that there's an "active investigation" into a kidnapping report that was filed on Saturday morning. It's worth pointing out that Soulja is currently on probation for a weapons charge.

Recently, Soulja Boy has been experiencing a bit of a comeback. He signed a deal with Warner/Chapell Music just last week.

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