Police in Southlake, Texas are on the hunt for a shoe thief who they think bears more than a passing resemblance to Drake. The  police department's social media team couldn't keep control of themselves, joking nonstop about the thief's famous face on Twitter. 

Though he's clearly not Drake —he's more "coworker who asks you to go in on a QP"— the suspect has the same proclivity for bad tings. He walked out of the store with several pairs of shoes by emptying the boxes and returning them to the shelves. 

Again, he's not Drake, but he did make headlines. This Imitation-Champagne Papi's haul of Converse, and Southlake's reference-filled reaction, spread quickly. 

All corniness aside, this next tweet would be hold up as gold if a satirical novelist wrote it. 

As far as we know, the suspect has not been apprehended. So, Southlake gave an appropriate and groan-worthy warning.