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Yasiin Bey took an innovative approach to his "Bey Ye" set on Sunday at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles, performing the lyrics from his own songs over Kanye West beats. The idea isn't quite the stretch for Yasiin, who was once an artist on West's G.O.O.D. Music label. The two have been collaborating since The College Dropout, and Yasiin popped up on last year's Kids See Ghosts.

Scroll down to see Yasiin's fresh take on his classic tracks.   

Yasiin pulls from Kanye's "Devil in a New Dress" for "Ms. Fat Booty."

Yasiin flips The Ecstatic's "Life In Marvelous Times" with "Good Morning." 

Bey Ye: I saw Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) do a set entirely over Kanye West beats last night in L.A. from r/hiphopheads

Here we've got Yasiin Bey performing "Mathematics" over "New God Flow."

Yasiin took "Black Skinhead" and added "Quiet Dog." 

Yasiin also performed "Two Words," his collab with 'Ye.