TOBi is one of those rare artists who doesn't shy away from making music with a message, as seen with his previous releases like "Hidden Fences," a song all about the socioeconomic issues affecting Black and Brown communities. Now TOBi is back with another incredible song, and if you've ever thought you had to give up style for substance—you're wrong because this song is also a serious bop. 

"City Blues" draws on TOBi's experiences as an immigrant to Canada from Nigeria, and touches on themes of homelessness, inner-city living, feminism, and his place amongst it all as an artist. TOBi spoke to Paper about the release and shared the following: "As much as the song is about society at large, it's a really personal song addressing my issues growing up as well and my change in perspective. I've been writing and making music for so long, that it almost feels like another lifetime and this video serves as an important marker in the direction of where I'm headed musically."

Photo by Anthony Gebrehiwot

TOBi also spoke to the importance of family: "As a unit, we have endured and accomplished so much since we emigrated to Canada. We've been each other's support through this whole process and even through the hardships, we made it out on top. We have a story that is very similar to a lot of families who come into a new country and have to start all over. the process is one that can be frustrating and trying, but we held each other down through it all."

Enjoy the mesmerizing "City Blues" video above and add the song to your playlists or library on any streaming service