After securing a new record deal, Mystikal inching towards a release date from jail. 

According to TMZ, the rapper (who's real name is Michael Taylor) was jailed in 2017 on first degree rape and second degree kidnapping charges has signed a new record deal for three unreleased projects. As a result, his attorneys are hoping that his new label will provide the rapper with enough advance money that he can post the $3 million bail that was set by the state of Louisiana. If awarded the advance, the company will ease the burden carried by the former No Limit soldier's family and friends who have been working to collect enough money for Mystikal's release since the bail was announced. 

In addition to his agreement with the undisclosed record company, Mystikal's lawyer Joel Pearce announced that the rapper experienced another "big win" when the state granted their plea for a the case to be tried by a new judge. 

Pearce also expressed optimism in the outcome of the case, stating in court earlier this month that his client is a wrongfully accused victim of the #MeToo movement. 

"I don’t think that anyone should be made to stand trial for number one, something they did not do. And number two, something that’s caught up in this political movement, the #MeToo movement," Pearce said. "Michael is not guilty of anything."

If able to make bail, Mystikal will be expected back in court on May 20 when his trial begins