Kanye West isn't afraid to take his listeners to church. Throughout all of his stylistic shifts and personal ups-and-downs, Yeezy has consistently returned to gospel on tracks like "Jesus Walks" and "Ultra Light Beam." That holds in the MAGA era of Kanye as well, as a glimpse at Kim Kardashian West's Instagram will bear out. Kim has been sharing live choral reworkings of Kanye tracks on her Instagram stories all day, referring to them as "Sunday Service."

The choir worked through tracks like "Heard 'Em Say," "Father Stretch My Hands," "Reborn," and "Ghost Town." Singer Tony Williams shared a snippet of Kanye bouncing to that Ye track to his Instagram. 

G.O.O.D. Music A&R Ricky Anderson shared a few more songs from the heavenly sessions. 


Kim closed out the day by implying that the Sunday Service will become a weekly offering. 

"Just hearing music as our Sunday Service was super inspiring," she wrote on Twitter. "See you next Sunday."

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