Imagine if Willy Wonka emailed golden tickets in 2019, not to random people, but to similar candy-makers in preparation of creating a new candy. Dreamville Records sent out dozens of gold graphics, inviting collaborators and media personnel to recording sessions for the roster’s upcoming project, Revenge of the Dreamers III. Normally, compilations aren’t anything to get out of bed for, but Dreamville is a different kind of beast entirely, quickly on its way to becoming one of hip-hop’s most important labels.

What separates Dreamville from its contemporaries is that it contains a trove of artists cut from the same cloth and community. With a roster of eight artists, the label has made a concerted effort to develop talent into sensible stars instead of chasing after viral names. Revenge of the Dreamers III is the third installment in the running series (Revenge of the Dreamers dropped in 2014 and Revenge of the Dreamers II released in 2015) and it looks like this is the iteration that’ll shake the culture awake and wipe the crust out of its eyes. Here’s a rundown on Dreamville’s roster of eclectic talents, in alphabetical order.