Vic Mensa's Hooligans EP, his first new project since last year's Weezer-featuring Autobiography album, is out Friday. During the resulting press run, Mensa stopped by the Hot 97 offices to chat new songs, Kanye West, and much more with Ebro Darden and company.

"I really, really have been coming to see that particular situation through a different lens as well, man," Mensa said when asked about West's Oval Office visit earlier this year. "I'm dealing with some family stuff right now, man, where a family member is, like, really going through some things mentally. And yo, bipolar, etcetera is no joke. The things you will do, you know what I'm saying? When whatever stimuli puts your mind in that mind frame, the things you'll do . . . I'm not even mad at Ye no more. I'm, like, I'm just, like, I feel for him, you know what I'm saying?"

Later, Mensa made a distinction between being adamant about not participating in the normalization of the administration and just attacking West for the sake of it. "If you love 'em then it's like, shit, you gotta stick with 'em," he said. "That doesn't mean that you have to agree with them or normalize their behavior. But you don't have to attack him, no."

Mensa also further discussed his decision to speak out about violence against women, XXXTentacion's legacy, and more. Catch the full interview up top.

"Dark Things," Mensa's current Hooligans single, recently received a video by way of director Bobby Hanaford. Artist Lucas David also had a hand in the proceedings.

Hooligans features Ty Dolla Sign, Charlie Wilson, G-Eazy, and more. The eight-track project will be available via your preferred streaming/purchasing service Friday.