It looks like Kanye West’s next endeavor might be learning how to skateboard.

In a series of videos shared on Instagram by Jenkem Magazine, Ye is being taught how to do an ollie in Miami during Art Basel. “Teach me how to ollie right now,” Kanye says to Alex Raspa, the tutor, who’s holding a skateboard in the first video.

In the second video, Raspa shows Ye how to properly do an ollie, saying, “You gotta be comfortable.” He then encourages Ye, telling him to “Do a little one!” After Ye tries it for himself, everyone cheers for the decent first shot.

Raspa also posted a video of him with his student. “I Taught #kanye how to Ollie this morning,” he said on the caption.

In another video posted on YouTube, Kanye tries to do a couple ollies in a row. Everyone continues to applaud him, as he says,  “I need some air though. Don't give me no dap for that weak ass shit.”