Kodak Black was detained outside of a Hollywood nightclub on Friday night and Chicago's DJ Pharris captured shots of the rapper in handcuffs from across the street. Luckily for the rapper who is still on probation, no arrests were made.


"Got my man Kodak and them shook down over there, bro. It went down in the club now they got Kodak chained up, baby," Pharris said. "He can't be f*cking up with the law. They got into a brawl in the club and [the police] shook them down." 

TMZ reports that the "Zeze" rapper was cuffed after police responded to a fight at the Playhouse nightclub. Sources claim that a scuffle happened a little bit after midnight and police were able to defuse the situation. Kodak was handcuffed in the process of police figuring out how the fight happened. They add that Kodak was let go fairly quickly with no one pressing charges.  

Before this incident, the legally troubled Pompano Beach rapper was on a bit of a hot streak. He has thee beat of the moment with his Travis Scott and Offset-assisted loosie "Zeze," and he's made guest appearances on several big-name albums like Meek Mill's CHAMPIONSHIPS and the Creed II soundtrack. Black put together a string of positive headlines, including the news that he planned to open a school in his parent's home of Haiti. Thankfully, this good run won't be derailed by an arrest.