Controversial rapper 6ix9ine might have just made his legal issues even worse, which is certainly saying something since he's facing serious time for racketeering charges. In November, TMZ released a video that showed 6ix9ine apparently putting a $30,000 hit on Tadoe, Chief Keef's cousin. Police are now investigating the clip, according to TMZ.

Police told TMZ the video has changed perspective on the attempted shooting of Chief Keef in New York City on June 2, believing that this is clearly 6ix9ine saying he plans to put a $30,000 bounty on Tadoe.

"This is no coincidence," one law enforcement source close to the situation told TMZ. "We believe the video is directly related to the crime. We believe Tekashi69 ordered the hit on Tadoe—who we now believe is the intended target."

Back in June, Keef claimed someone shot at him and missed in front of the W Hotel in NYC at around 5 a.m. The heated phone call featured in the footage, which reportedly took place in May this year, came after Tadoe and Keef started to diss the rainbow-haired rapper. 6ix9ine denied having any involvement in the shooting and said that he was actually a fan of Chief Keef.

As of right now, no charges related to that case have been filed against the rapper.