YG walked away uninjured from what appeared to be a pretty serious wreck in Los Angeles earlier today. TMZ captured footage of the rapper looking stunned and standing near the SUV that he was riding in when it plowed into someone's yard.

In the footage, you can see that a black Chevy Suburban decided to do a little offroading. The SUV broke through a short brick fence and into the front yard of a ranch-style house in the San Fernando Valley. According to the gossip website, YG was a passenger in the car, which he hailed via Uber. No other vehicles were involved in the incident and it's unclear what made the car veer off the road.  

It's unlikely that he's looking for excitement in his everyday Uber rides, but YG likes to court controversy and never shies away from taking a hit for speaking his mind. The rapper recently called out 6ix9ine for being a "pedophile ass child molester." In a recent interview with Complex, he pointed out that he keeps a dangerous mindset as a way of staying sharp. 

“I’m in the mindstate of staying dangerous because of the life I’ve lived, and the way I move because of it, today. I’ve been shot, I’ve fallen out with close friends, I’ve been in the hood dodging bullets. After a while, this type of thinking becomes regular,” he said. “Knowledge is dangerous when you’re a person of color. It makes you a powerful individual."

YG's third studio album Stay Dangerous dropped back in August.