YG Reportedly Breaks $60K Contract to Play "FDT" at College Concert

YG was told not to play "FDT" at a college concert, and he decided to break his contract to do it anyway.

YG hasn't given up slandering President Donald Trump just because he scored an electoral college victory. He offered to play anti-Trump anthem "FDT" during the inauguration for a $4 million price, and now it looks like he's allegedly breaking contracts in order to continue playing it when he wants.

The Compton rapper served as the headliner for a concert at San Diego State University along with Rob Stone on Friday night, as part of SDSU's "Greenfest" event at the school. Judging by crowd response at the Cal Coast Open Air Theater, students certainly appeared to be loving the performance:

YG had State going 🅱️razy last night #FDT #SDSU #GreenFest pic.twitter.com/SN1RYupgcy

— The Succulent One (@AngelG13_) March 4, 2017

SDSU : "Hey YG, you will not get paid your 60k if you play FDT"

YG : plays FDT anyway

— Audrey Allen (@audreyeallen) March 4, 2017

Shout out to @YG for playing FDT even though it means he won't get paid. Not just bc it's a good song but it's relevant and important

— Shannon (@shenaninganns) March 4, 2017

GreenFest, according to the website, is a week-long event where participants, "encourage, celebrate, and advocate for sustainability, SDSU Pride, and diversity." A performance of "FDT," which rails on Trump specifically for acts of prejudice and racism, feels like the only appropriate thing YG could have done.

He might end up missing that $60,000 later, but YG is committed to spreading the message. People started GoFundMe pages when they thought it could earn YG a spot at the inauguration, so maybe appreciative fans can just pony up the lost money now instead.

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