The music video for an upcoming collaboration between 6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj, and Kanye West hasn't gone smoothly at all so far, shutting down after a reported shooting at the Beverly Hills mansion the trio were scheduled to film the video at. Turns out Universal Music Group likely isn't very happy with the situation either, with sources telling TMZ that they've spent $480K to fund the shoot so far.

The alleged shooting took place at the Alpine Drive location last Thursday (Nov. 8) while 'Ye and 6ix9ine were filming on set, with footage of the incident surfacing later on. In the surveillance footage, two cars pull up to the house at around 10:30 p.m. before one hoodied-up male gets out of each vehicle. After checking witnesses, one of the them says, "We got 30 seconds, to which the other responds, "OK." They begin firing shots over the wall after attempting to get through a locked gate.

Despite all the money pumped into the shoot for the video so far, it would appear as if UMG is considering just letting this one go due to the circumstances surrounding it. The budget was allegedly steep because of the interior design of the mansion, which featured colorful, rainbow-tinted windows and a checkerboard floor. 

Nicki Minaj was not at the mansion at the time of the shoot, although one of the bullets fired at the mansion shattered the window of what was to be her dressing room.