UPDATE 6:37 p.m. ET: According to Rolling Stone, Tommy Lee has issued another statement regarding the entire debacle. “And the plot thickens!” he said. “After I and our production crew created the 360 and Crüecify, We hired a company called SGPS in Las Vegas to create it. WELLLLL GUESS WHO’S DOING TRAVIS’S SET DESIGN???? F**king SGPS! So all u motha****** tellin me I’m not right can f**k off.”

UPDATE 2:41 p.m. ET: A rep for Travis Scott has responded to Tommy Lee's comments, basically calling them pointless. "Tommy didn’t invent the concept of a roller coaster on stage and there's no legal basis for his accusatory outburst," La Flame's legal rep told Complex Thursday afternoon in an emailed statement. "The actual creator and owner of the system has granted Travis all rights to use that equipment to complement his original stage design."

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Motley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee is telling Travis Scott to "lawyer up" after seeing clips of the rapper's Astroworld Tour stage design. 

Lee shared video clips from Scott's recent Houston show alongside performances where he played on similar equipment. At issue is the fact that Lee once played drums in a rig that completed a 360-degree loop. When Lee saw Travis rapping from a chair that did something similar, he cried foul on Instagram and Twitter. 

"Just found out this fucking idiot [Travis Scott] or someone on his team ripped off the 360 AND The Crüecifly! WTF!! Get an original idea bro," he wrote alongside clips of Scott and himself going for a spin.


Lee also shared a video of himself riding a roller-coaster-like device called The Crüecifly on a recent tour, comparing it to a roller coaster setpiece that Scott uses.  

"[N]ot one rip off but TWO. DOPE. I get copying is a form of flattery, but this is just straight ripping off my shit," he wrote

It's worth noting that blink-182 drummer Travis Barker played drums using a similar contraption throughout the '00s. As far as we can tell, Lee never came after Barker for dues.  

The fact that he wasn't the first to pull off the stunt and that Scott is clearly riffing on established amusement park rides — a "Ring of Fire" and a rollercoaster, specifically — never seemed to cross Lee's mind. He threatened Scott with legal action over the stage setup on Twitter. 

Trust that Houston didn't miss the fact that he was playing with themes of joy, celebration, and pride built around the idea of a shuttered theme park in his hometown. In fact, the city declared an official Astroworld Day to honor the rapper as a cultural ambassador.