Motley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee accused Travis Scott of ripping off his stage design for his ASTROWORD tour on Thursday (Nov. 29), comparing the video of Travis rapping from a rollercoaster ride doing a complete loop to the time he played drums in a similar rig. Lee then went on to claim the company behind his rig, SGPS, also worked on La Flame's set design.

When someone tweeted at Lee essentially asking if it was just SGPS reusing its own design, Lee reiterated he and his team came up with the idea on their own, hiring the company to manufacture it. Now he's posting on his Instagram, making sure to let Travis know he's not done with him just yet.

"To many people this probably isn't a big deal. But as an artist, I specifically created the 360 and the Cruecifly for my shows. No one had put a roller coaster on stage before me. NO ONE," he wrote on his Instagram story. "When you put all that time and effort into something and someone just jacks it from you, it's not cool. Had he given me credit or paid homage it would've been a different story."

Lee then went on to bring up Lorde's accusation that Kanye West and Kid Cudi stole her stage design for their Camp Flog Gnaw performance. "Just like Kanye stole his set design from Lorde's show. We are artists. We pride ourselves on what we create," he continued. "For someone to just come along and take it for their own isn't cool. Come up with ur own shit. That's what an artist is supposed to do."

Es Devlin, who has worked with both West and Lorde on numerous tours, pointed out that Lorde wasn't the first to use a floating box design, noting her own work that goes back to 2007. In other words, Lee didn't choose the best comparison in this case.