According to TMZ, a judge has ordered DJ and superproducer, Skrillex, to pay over a million dollars to a fan injured at one of his concerts.

As reported by the publication on Wednesday (Nov. 21), Jennifer Fraissl was awarded over $4.5 million in her lawsuit against the DJ after she claimed a stunt he performed at a show caused her to have a stroke. Of this $4.5 million, Skrillex himself was found responsible for 35 percent, meaning he alone will have to pay Fraissl close $1.6 million.

The remaining balance will be paid by Skrillex's touring company once it is concluded how much Fraissl is actually owed as the jury did find her 15 percent responsible for her injuries. 

This is the conclusion of a lawsuit that began in 2014 when Skrillex jumped off the DJ table during his performance at the The Belasco Theater in Los Angeles. His team has since released a statement which reads, "Skrillex tells us he's disappointed by the jury's decision," but added, "There is nothing more important to me than my fans and their safety at my shows I want them to have fun and enjoy the music."

It also went on to claim that there is footage proving the DJ never made contact with Fraissl and debunked her stroke claims before stating his plans to appeal the ruling.