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The California wildfires are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, with over 200 people reportedly missing and at least 31 confirmed dead. Now matching the deadliest fire on record in California, the situation is becomingly increasingly bleak. TMZ is reporting that two Cali residents have been taking it upon themselves to help protect their home and their neighbors homes and those two residents just so happen to be Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

As TMZ reports, the fire approached Kim K and Ye's Hidden Hills mansion on Friday (Nov. 9), at which point the couple hired a team of private firefighters to save their $60 million house. Not only that, but multiple neighbors say they're very thankful for Kanye and Kim for gathering a team together to help out the neighborhood. TMZ notes the positioning of Kim and Kanye's home and say that if it were to have caught fire it would have set off a "domino effect on the whole neighborhood." Kim posted videos of the fires on Thursday night to reveal that she was leaving with her kids, sharing the videos on her Instagram story.

President Donald Trump has received widespread criticism for saying that that California was at fault for the fires, blaming "gross mismanagement of the forests." Upon making the accusations, he threatened to pull federal funding. Ironically, as many people have been quick to point out since he tweeting his dumb take on the situation, most of the land that's burned in the wildfires has been federal-owned. In other words, a lack of funding is to blame, if anything.