Kanye took to Twitter on Friday morning to reveal some more groundbreaking news, that he's bringing "a fireproof community" into the world.

This tweet follows news from earlier this week, when Kim Kardashian and Ye hired a team of private firefighters to fight the massive California wildfires in their neighborhood, and to help their neighbors.

On Monday, TMZ reported that after the fire approached Kim and Ye’s Hidden Hills mansion on Nov. 9, the couple hired the firefighters to save their $60 million house, and also helped out the entire neighborhood. TMZ noted that due to the positioning of Kim and Kanye’s home, that if it were to catch on fire, it would have set off a “domino effect on the whole neighborhood.” Kim shared videos of the fires on Nov. 8, which showed her leaving with her kids.

Donald Trump was widely criticized for saying that California was at fault for the fires, blaming “gross mismanagement of the forests.” Following the accusation, he also threatened to pull federal funding. However, many have pointed out the fact that most of the land that’s burned in the wildfires has been federal-owned. During the fires in California back in August, Trump made a similar remark, placing his vague blame on “bad environmental laws.”

According to CBS News, the number of people missing in the California wildfires has surpassed 600, with 66 confirmed dead.

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