The videos Jay Rock has been dropping for his Redemption album have been among some of the most interesting music videos all year, and he seems to be eager to keep that reputation with the release of his "For What It's Worth" video. Arriving less than two weeks after the release of his manic video for his Kendrick Lamar collaboration "Wow Freestyle," the newly released video is full of captivating visuals.

Told with some striking black-and-white shots, "For What It's Worth" starts pretty simple but continually brings in new elements, including some striking splashes of color. It's just as inventive as some of the best Redemption videos so far, proving that Jay really does put a lot of care into everything he releases.

The video for "Wow Freestyle," which arrived late last month," took on a very different aesthetic, following both Jay and K. Dot as they drive around in a life-size Matchbox car, complete with grainy VHS shots and some inventive use of slow motion. It was preceded by the gorgeous Karena Evans-directed treatment for "Tap Out," featuring Jeremih, earlier in the month.

Jay Rock released his third full-length Redemption back in June, following up his 2015 effort 90059. The 13-track project featured appearances from Kendrick, SZA, Future, and J. Cole among others.

Note: The music video was taken down shortly after this article was published but will be replaced when it goes back up.