Wendy Williams apparently struck a nerve with Future.

During Friday's episode of her eponymous talk show, Williams blasted the Atlanta rapper for his ongoing baby mama drama. There's a lot to unpack here, so we'll try to keep this as straight forward as possible: The outspoken TV host pulled out a pointer and named every single woman who has carried one of Future's children: Ciara, Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, India J, and the now-pregnant Joie Chavis. Williams told the audience that Future has dumped Joie and rekindled his relationship with Brittni; however, he was spotted getting close and personal with Joie at her recent gender reveal party.

Brittni responded to the encounter on social media, writing: "People do what they have to do to protect their assets. It’s too much money at risk." The message sparked more questions, as many wondered if Brittni was referring to her "assets" or Joie's. 

Shortly after Brittni shared the cryptic message, Future posted one of his own: "Oh you thirsty thirst," he wrote on an Instagram story. This didn't sit well with Williams.

"No, you're thirsty Future, like where are your condoms?" she asked.

Future seemingly caught wind of the segment and fired back. On Friday night he posted an Instagram photo with the caption: "Thank god I'm richer than Wendy Williams." 

It's unclear what he means by "richer." Assuming he's talking financial wealth, Future might want to re-check his facts. Williams has a reported net worth of $60 million; while, according to Forbes, Future is sitting around $30 million.