Quavo confirmed that Migos worked with Kanye West on Yandhi

The "Big Bro" rapper shared that he's on West's delayed album while stopping by The Cruz Show on Power 106 Los Angeles. 

"Yeah, for sure," the rapper said when asked if he had a hand in the hotly anticipated album. "We did a record for him for Yandhi." 

There's no telling if the Migos cut will end up on the final product, though. After promising the album back in September, Kanye flew to Africa to finish up the album. Given that this era of Ye is best characterized by his down-to-the-wire slapdash style, who can say what will end up on any given Kanye album?

Back in the States, Quavo was forthcoming with his opinions on a whole host of rappers from previous generations. He spoke highly of Jay-Z throughout the interview and even took time out to state, unequivocally, that Will Smith is an excellent rapper. 

"He can rap, for sure," Quavo said, before discussing some of Smith's recent releases. "When you that old and come in to son the youth like that, I feel like that's hard."

Back on the topic of Jigga, Quavo said he could see collaborating with the rapper down the line. He said that Jay thanked him for "Apeshit" earlier this year and Quavo was down to work with Jay if they found the right song. 

"It could happen, it just got to be the right record," he said. 

Quavo covered a ton of ground in his interview, talking about everything from his work with Madonna to LeBron James. The rapper seemed excited about James' move to Los Angeles, which makes a bit of sense now that we know he wrote a song for it. Check out the whole thing up top.