Early Sunday morning the floor of a clubhouse in fell through during a Clemson University homecoming party. The floor caved in as attendees were having the typical, lose-your-mind response to Chief Keef's "Faneto."

Captured footage shows the attendees getting hype before the floor suddenly caves in, taking a few dozen partygoers with it.

"By the time I had put one foot out the door, I felt that something was weird and that's when everyone just collapsed and the guy behind me disappeared," Raven Guerra, 20, described to ABC. "Everyone was on the floor and people were screaming and there was wood sticking up from the floorboards."

Fortunately none were trapped under the debris, but the accident did leave 30 students injured, according to ABC News.  Officials are currently investigating the structural defects of the privately owned venue. Clemson also released a statement regarding the event.

"We’re continuing to gather information, and are encouraged by the initial reports of no life-threatening injuries," the university stated, before adding they will be offering counseling and psychological services to the students.

As word of the incident spread, many weren't surprised: "Faneto" bangs.

how did i know it was faneto that caused this before i even turned the sound on https://t.co/Fxr6OmXv50

— Harry! Harri! Harré! (@BigHPrivateEye) October 21, 2018

They was playing that faneto thats why. https://t.co/gkmJoQ9g21

— Deezy™ (@Thatmandeez) October 21, 2018

Don’t play faneto at a house party simple https://t.co/FovZTalmxR

— simi-automatic (@RussellSimieon) October 21, 2018

Historic moment for Faneto https://t.co/zDvLFxX4l8

— 💘🦂 isabel 🦂💘 (@da_drought_3) October 21, 2018