Drake has been accused of stealing everything from beats, to cover art, to lyrics, but the latest accusation of theft against the Toronto rapper isn’t over music—it’s about durags.

Ski Mask The Slump God called out the 6 God on Twitter for allegedly copying the way he ties his durags. “My Thing Is Drake Be Adding A lot Of Other People Sauce To What He Got And Don’t Credit No One On It The Fuck Is That,” he tweeted in response to a photo of Drake wearing his durag tied in the front in a similar style to his.

The young Florida rapper is also now using the photo as his Twitcon and posted a video of Drake rocking the style on Instagram.

Ski Mask was a close collaborator and friend of the late XXXTentacion, who also accused Drake of copying the flow of his single "Look At Me.” It's very possible Drake's stylist conjured up the look, and unsurprisingly, Aubrey hasn't responded to Ski's claims and likely won't.