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Album: Nigga Please
Producer: The Neptunes
Sample: “Billie Jean”

Ol’ Dirty Bastard toned down the surrealness of his classic debut Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version as he moved into his final album, Nigga Please—at least for one song. The shift was helped by the Neptunes and alt-R&B legend Kelis, who showed up on “Got Your Money.” Over the drum beat for “Billie Jean” and a criminally funky bass line, ODB’s final single combined commercial appeal with beloved Ol’ Dirty Bastard idiosyncrasies like the ghoulish howl near the end, which perfectly punctuates the song’s charm. It turns out mixing ODB’s NSFW koans (“I don’t have no trouble with you fuckin’ me/But I have a little problem with you not fuckin’ me”) with the “Billie Jean” drum beat was a stroke of genius.