Hours before he released his Scorpion album, Drake went to Instagram to unveil the project’s completed tracklist, which confirmed guest appearances by JAY-Z, Ty Dolla Sign, and Static Major. However, one of Scorpion’s most surprising featured artist was the late, great Michael Jackson, who was credited under the “Don’t Matter to Me” cut.

It was later confirmed that Drake had secured a never-before-heard MJ song that was reworked into a duet, similar to Justin Timberlake’s 2014 release “Love Never Felt So Good.” Immediately after Scorpion dropped, the King of Pop-assisted track drew polarizing reactions. Many fans loved it, others hated it, and some were simply unimpressed. But what does the Jackson family think of “Don’t Matter to Me”?

Days following the album’s release, TMZ spoke to MJ’s nephew Austin Brown—the son of Rebbie Jackson—about his impressions of the track. Though Brown praised the 6 God for his talent, he wasn’t thrilled with Drake’s decision to include an incomplete Jackson song.

“I just feel like if [Michael] didn’t finish it, [Drake] shouldn’t use it,” the 32-year-old said.

Brown went on to say he doesn’t feel like Drake “took advantage” of his uncle; however, he personally wouldn’t use someone’s unreleased vocals without their input.

Check out Brown’s comments, as well as the mixed reactions to “Don’t Matter to Me,” below.