Nicki Minaj fired off a spree of tweets on Sunday night about how she believes Travis Scott held onto the No. 1 position on the Billboard 200 chart over her album Queen—which debuted at No. 2—because he boosted sales numbers by including ASTROWORLD purchases in merch and tour bundles.

Scott has yet to respond to Nicki's tweets, but his Cactus Jack label signee Smokepurpp shared some thoughts about the situation on Instagram Sunday night.

Defending Scott's tactic to bundle album purchases with tour tickets and merch, Smokepurpp said, "Nicki Minaj, you buggin'. You buggin' by saying that Travis Scott is cheating because he's selling clothes and stuff. It's called marketing, my n***a. You're doing the most first week, don't hate on the next man."

Addressing Minaj's tweet that her sales numbers suffered because Queen came out 12 hours later than it could have with a Thursday night release, Smokepurpp said, "You said that Billboard was wrong. You probably got it delayed yourself." Finally, he added, "And it's no disrespect, I fuck with you. I fuck with your music. You go crazy. But numbers do not lie. You know what I'm saying, numbers don't lie. With that being said, Cactus Jack. Esskeetit."

After her tweets received some backlash on Sunday afternoon, Minaj told fans it was all "sarcasm/dry humor" and assured everyone she was having "the most iconNIC time."

It doesn't seem this is the last we've heard from Minaj about this topic, though. She promised fans that she wouldn't bite her tongue during this Tuesday's episode of Queen Radio on Apple Music.

Minaj also revealed that she just wrote a new freestyle that she plans to record later, so hopefully some of this energy makes its way off Twitter and into some new music.