Rihanna won't have you putting your marriage wishes on her. The Fenty Beauty creator was recently spotted performing bridesmaid duties at her best friend's wedding reception in Barbados. But when her BFF, Sonita, threw the wedding bouquet, RiRi made sure to duck down to ensure she didn't catch it.

If you don't know of wedding lore, the person who catches the bouquet is destined to get married next (hence why Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" is played in the background). But with Riri's hilarious dodge, she clearly isn't trying to be that person.

It's not much of a surprise though. Rihanna is the same person who allegedly broke up with her billionaire boyfriend because she "gets tired of men." She's also a busy woman. She's slated to follow-up 2016's ANTI with a 10-track dancehall album, might be starring in Hiro Murai's movie with Donald Glover, is hosting her annual Diamond Ball, and continues to run the successful brands Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty. 

But that doesn't mean she's not there to support others who are looking for love. In a recent interview with British Vogue, she dished out some sound advice for relationship seekers. "I think a lot of people meet people and then they’re dating the idea of what the person could become, and that person never shows up and then they’re just mad disappointed," she said in quotes obtained by BuzzFeed ahead of the magazine's release. "A person can always get better, they can always get worse, but you’ve got to be fine with what you met them as."