Lana Del Rey is one of many artists being criticized for choosing to perform at the Meteor Festival in Tel Aviv amid the decades-long conflict between Israel and Palestine. Activists have since called for her to cancel her performance there, but Del Rey said she wouldn't do it.

"I understand many of u are upset that we’re going to Tel Aviv for the Meteor festival," read her statement on Twitter. "What I can tell you is I believe music is universal and should be used to bring us together. We signed on to the show w the intention that it would be performed for the kids there and my plan was for it to be done w a loving energy w a thematic emphasis on peace."

She continued: "If you don’t agree with it I get it. I see both sides. But me and my band have been performing all over the world for months out of the years for close to 10 years now together. And we’re about to travel to a place that many big bands are playing this year and at this festival. We don’t always agree with the politics of the places we play within or even in our own country – sometimes we don’t even feel safe, depending on how far abroad we travel – but we are musicians and we’ve dedicated our lives to being on the road."

The "Born To Die" singer added that her performing at the concert is "not a political statement" and compared it to how performing in the United States while Donald Trump is in office isn't supportive of him. (Although she notes that she's not "likening gravity of certain travesties that have occurred in Israel). Back in 2014, Del Rey canceled her show in Tel Aviv because of controversy surrounding the Gaza strip but this time around she's moving forward with the show.

The Meteor Festival's line-up also includes Pusha-TASAP Ferg, Flying Lotus, Kamasi Washington, Ariel Pink, Yung Lean, DJ Koze, and more. It's set to happen on Sept. 6-8.