What do you call a workout without music? Death. You call it death. Attempting any sort of physical activity without an accompanying soundtrack to take your mind off the 40 burpees you’re scheduled to perform in the next circuit or the push-Ups that will leave your arms feeling like spaghetti is liable to be branded as insanity.   

Unfortunately, curating the perfect playlist to keep your energy up for the full 45 minutes to an hour of your average workout can be trying. If you’re not constantly pushing your workout back so you can meticulously add, then delete, what you think are the perfect tracks to your playlist, you’re pausing your swoll session in the middle of a rep again because that song you thought would get you pumped up is actually mellowing your vibe. 

Luckily, Spotify has a multitude of playlists set and ready to go for whatever workout vibe you’re currently feeling. Want to feel like you’re at a rave while you pump iron? Spotify’s got you. Want some vintage T.I. and 50 Cent to get you through that last rep? Spotify’s got you. Need something soothing as you attempt cool down? Well, you get the point. 

Whatever you need to finish your workout and reach that feeling of nirvana that comes afterwards (one of the best feelings in life, if we’re being honest), Spotify already has it preloaded. So get back into the gym, eliminate those love handles you’ve been swearing to get rid of for years, and press play on one of the options below. These are the best Spotify workout playlists. Like the wise man Aubrey Graham once said, you can thank us later.