Snap Dogg has unleashed the official music video for “Coming From the Ghetto” featuring Houston MC Trae tha Truth.

The visual was filmed in Snap Dogg’s Detroit neighborhood and further underscores the everyday struggles facing inner-city residents. We see the rapper and his crew on the Detroit streets with rundown homes and abandoned buildings in the backdrop. The video also includes Snap Dogg’s home footage as well as a news report clip about a local artist’s fatal shooting. 

Snap Dogg raps in the first verse:

Bunch of sirens, you hear them baby cries
A bunch of violence, nigga your mama babies dies
Just a cycle of my block
Get caught slippin', headshot
They on mollies, perkies, xannies, they be off it
Dracos, hundreds, rounds, bullets toxic

"I wanted to get Trae on this song because at the time I was working on it he had just put together a relief gang to go around and help the people in his community when it was a disaster in Houston," Snap Dogg explained. "He was one of the people who stepped up. I really respected that, he's a real OG. He brought that pain to the record, he understands the ghetto and the circumstances that come with it... drug houses on every block, liquor stores on every corner, drug addicts infecting the areas is the way I feel about coming from the ghetto. I'm numb to it. I was born in it. This is an important track to me because I feel like it gives hope to the kids growing up in the ghetto environments."

You can check out the “Coming From the Ghetto” video, directed by G.M.T. Entertainment, above. The record appeared on Snap Dogg’s recently released Sacrifices project, which included appearances by Fetty Wap (“Make It Right”), Casanova (“Problems”), and Snoop Dogg (“You Gotta Be a Dog”). "Sacrifices mean a lot to me, but to sum it up I sacrifice time with my kids and risk my life everyday for the rap game," Dogg said. "I've sacrificed my privacy, I've lost close friends, and lost a brother to this game and I'm still here still standing without everything I had to sacrifice."

You can download and stream the 15-track mixtape on Apple Music/iTunes.