Safaree Samuels and Nicki Minaj’s 12-year relationship didn’t exactly end on on a good note. Allegations of cheating, violent outbursts, and shady business practices were just some of the factors that reportedly led to their split; however, it appears the tumultuous partnership wasn’t a complete loss for Safaree.

Just before his birthday, the Brooklyn-born rapper/reality TV star posted a pay statement for his work with Nicki. The document, shared on an Instagram story, shows a breakdown of the money he recently received for “Did It On’em” and “Roman’s Revenge,” both from Nicki’s debut album Pink Friday.

“What the hell I just get this random music business check from?” he wrote over the statement, which showed a total payment of $2,342.33. “55 years later what da hell happy birthday to me… Never give up.”


#Safaree received some money for the work he put in with #NickiMinaj

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Safaree was credited for additional vocals on “Roman’s Revenge” and was listed as a co-writer for “Did It On’em.” A while back, it was reported that Safaree was planning to sue his ex after she allegedly fail to compensate his work. The Love & Hip Hop star briefly addressed the legal matter in an interview with Billboard in 2016.

“Yeah, we don’t have any relationship. We don’t speak. No lawsuits either,” he said about Nicki. “That whole court thing got blown out of proportion because people wanted to react. But if there was a court situation, you guys would’ve saw it. There’s no hiding."