Director: Hype Williams
Album: Graduation

The period of time between Late Registration and Graduation was a strange one, in that no artist could've recieved the kind of heavy 'What will he do next?'-type expectations throw at Kanye. And when he did, in fact, release a song with one of the most important electorock songs ever as the primary sample, there was a question of audacity that the video was crucial in shutting down. There's the incredibly elusive Daft Punk, right there-right there in Kanye's video!-holding it down for 'Ye, a sampled co-sign if there ever was one.

The concept, of Kanye being re-engineered in some kind of space pod to be harder, better, faster, stronger, got the perfect and earthbound visual accompanyment in Tokyo-night aesthetics, and what might still be 'Ye's most memorable accessory: The cut-line shades. Then there's Cassie as the object of Yeezy's affection. You never doubt why this clip cost millions to make. The entire thing took everyone by surprise, but more importantly, right into the future of 'Ye's music.