LOONY is only a couple of tracks deep, but the Scarborough-based R&B sensation is well on her way to becoming one of Canada's best new talents. Despite the limited catalogue, the singer-songwriter has made quite the impression this year with two awesome singles: the downtempo soul jam "A Small Flame" and the colourful gem "Warm Weather". Now, and just a few weeks after its release, the latter track is getting a well-deserved visual treatment.

Speaking to us via email, LOONY says that the video for "Warm Weather" was shot using minimal resources and executed by a close-knit team. "Being an independent and relatively unknown artist who is just starting out, there's a constant balance I need to strike between executing my visions properly and what my resources and finances are saying," begins the singer-songwriter. "This video was completely DIY and self-directed, and I chose fellow Scarborough native TK as I knew I could trust his cinematography to bring my ideas alive."

As for keeping the entire shoot in her home borough, LOONY says it's all about what she finds the most inspirational. "There's this feeling, I think, as an artist working outside of the downtown core, that downtown is where its all "really happening" - its where you gotta shoot your videos, work with fellow creatives, and find inspiration. But I find all my inspiration here," she states. "So I wanted to shoot the whole thing here, where I live, hire a talented Scarborough videographer, and ask my friends to just roll up and take part."

Much like the video, the song itself (produced by Akeel Henry) is augmented by a mix of warm energy and self-reflection. "My favourite line in the song," she says, "is 'Feeling like I do. A clear sky is just another shade of blue', because it's the idea that exterior factors, like the weather, can't really fix whats going on inside your head. Sadness doesn't go away just because the weather gets better, those feelings are now just being experienced in a more temperate place. And I think sometimes, people forget that, you know? I think that's why summertime can seem so exciting and then be such a letdown. But like everything, it's all coming from inside".

You can watch the summery video for "Warm Weather" above via YouTube, and be sure to stream it on Spotify here.