Apparently Kanye West’s onslaught of 7-track projects isn’t ending with Teyana Taylor’s sophomore album, which comes out this Friday. In a new interview with Fake Shore Drive, Chicago rapper Bump J revealed Kanye would be working on an 7-song EP for him and fellow Goon Squad member Sly Polaroid.  

“Kanye is going to do the seven-song project with us, and we definitely are working,” Bump said when asked about attending recording sessions with West in Wyoming. He and Sly were also spotted at Kanye’s Ye release party. “My man Boogz is cooking up for us as we speak and the rest of the squad is working. We gonna start working on it in these next few weeks, so yeah, real soon.”

Seven tracks is Kanye’s current mode du jour when it comes to pushing out albums. The five recent G.O.O.D. Music releases—including Pusha-T’s DAYTONA, Kanye’s own Ye, the Cudi collab Kids See Ghosts, Nas’ Nasir, and Taylor’s Friday drop—are all seven songs long.

Bump J also praised Kanye's work ethic in the interview, and talked a bit about writing with his previous collaborator. “Shit was crazy—a hell of an experience,” he said. “I’ve never seen anyone work like he works. It was inspiring to see how passionate he is especially since he doesn’t need the money from rap. You really could see that he just loves to do this shit.”

"As far as writing? No one really writes for Kanye. He basically has what he wants to do already and we’re there vibing with him and combining our brainpower to bring it outta him,” he continued. "I am given writers credit on six of the seven songs but you would have to be there to understand what I’m saying."

It’s unclear when this new project could drop, but in the meantime Bump J just released his nine-track solo joint I Don't Feel Rehabilitated. Listen below.