Lil Yachty was hacked on Wednesday by a group of Twitter users called Gurv, Terror, Rey, and Neel who collectively call themselves the Thug Organization. The hack started with shots at 6ix9ine and a flirtation with 15-year-old Bhad Bhabie ("Danielle Bregoli a baddie," with heart-eyes and an @) and turned bizarre quickly as an alleged screenshot of Lil Boat’s DMs showed him flirting with an underage girl.

Yachty managed to regain control of his account after a little more than an hour and confirmed he was hacked. 

One user replied with, "Real question is why you DMing 16 year olds," to which Yachty tweeted/deleted: "Come on bro what I look like. That was fake. Ask her how old she is."

The hacker was fairly transparent about what they were doing, sharing PSN, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for people to follow, although its unclear who they actually belong to. They also teased more DM's and unreleased Yachty music; predictably, neither emerged. The hacker threatened 6ix9ine and Chief Keef, writing, “6ix9ine, why do your shooters have bad aim, missing chief keef and shit.” In another, the hacker called 6ix9ine a “f****t” and a “pedo retard” and accused him of having sex with underage girls, too.

The hacker also shouted out a few seemingly random Twitter accounts. One, who was accused of giving out Yachty’s phone number, replied.