We all know Cardi B is pregnant, but we also all know that everyone has plenty of opinions about what she’s doing with her career. In a since deleted tweet, someone decided they really wanted to judge Cardi’s choices by saying that she “would be going on tour right now, performing at the BET awards, getting this $$$. But instead Offset got her pregnant.” 

Now, the implications here that women somehow can’t have it both ways—a family and a successful career—is annoying enough, but it’s also blatantly not true in this case. While pregnant, Cardi has released her debut album Invasion of Privacy—which debuted at No.1— as well as music videos for "Be Careful" and "I Like It." She performed at Coachella, twerking her pregnant body onstage and everything. She’s appeared in a Rita Ora, Maroon 5, and a Jennifer Lopez music video, and she is currently on the cover of Rolling Stone. That’s… a lot of work. 

Cardi, never one to keep quiet when a hater comes for her, responded. The rapper called her future daughter her “biggest gift and biggest blessing” and described how she plans on loving her daughter: “the one person who I’m always going to be perfect to, the person that while I was feeling depressed a while ago, even when I have everything I wanted in my hands, I look down at my stomach and got happy and motivated again!” Cardi then took the opportunity to twist the knife and added that “I’m still getting this money… If only you knew these deals I signed, you soon find out.”

Sounds like Cardi has got everything under control. In fact, part of the reason she initially wanted to keep her pregnancy a total secret was because she was worried about the opinions that the internet at large would throw her way. Unfortunately, it looks like she was right to be worried about that.