We’ve known about Cardi B’s pregnancy for two months now, and considering she was already at least a few weeks down the line when she revealed her baby bump live on SNL, she should be due sometime soon. Still, that doesn’t mean the “Bodak Yellow” rapper is slowing down at all: in the past month, she’s released videos for her tracks “Be Careful,” “Dinero,” and “I Like It” and appeared in the videos for Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” and Rita Ora’s “Girls.”

Cardi has also been plenty active on social media. The thing is, though, for Cardi, social media usually includes a hater or two (or three hundred). She’s always calling them out for failing to just let her “fat in peace,”  and she’s particularly sensitive to any comments made about her pregnancy


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A video of a pregnant Cardi B and fiancé and baby daddy Offset turning up at a club started attracting attention for the smoke that Offset blows in her face toward the end of the video. It’s common knowledge that expecting mothers shouldn’t smoke as it harms the baby, but secondhand smoke may also have negative effects. Lots of people started getting heated in the comments about what Cardi should or shouldn’t be doing while pregnant—and she clapped back, calling those people hypocrites. 

“So now ya so concern on what can harm my baby?” she wrote on Instagram, highlighting how ironic it is that people are now worried about her future daughter but were happy to watch haters stress her out at other points of her pregnancy. Take, for example, Cardi’s brief Instagram hiatus back in May triggered by Azealia Banks calling Cardi a “caricature a black woman.”  

“Don’t the mother’s stress in the brain and in the body harm [the]the baby? But ya ain’t gave a fuck though right? ‘Cause it was entertaining to ya,” she wrote. 

“Don’t worry about me and mines and what I’m doing,” she added. “Me and my baby is great.”

It’s hard to know exactly how people intend their Instagram comments to sound, though it seems fair to assume some people were genuinely worried for the health of Cardi’s baby and others were just itching for a reason to criticize. The truth is we probably should trust Cardi when she says she and her baby are fine. She said it best when she said: “I’m a shmillionaire and I’m prepared for this.”