In just 15 minutes, Tierra Whack managed to do what most artists can only dream of doing in an hour of music. Her visual project Whack World is one of the most left-field breakthroughs in quite some time, if only because it sees the Philadelphia rapper completely ditching any and all unnecessary elements in favor of a streamlined approach more in line with a punk album.

First emerging with rapid-fire radio freestyles in 2016, Tierra Whack is all about versatility on Whack World. "Sometimes I don’t feel like rapping. It’s too easy for me," she told us. "I actually started singing before I started rapping, most people don’t know that. I was in a church choir and went to an arts school as a vocal major." Mastering a whole array of different sounds and techniques and with an unforgettable live show too, Tierra Whack is one of 2018's most vital and vibrant new artists.—Joe Price