There are literally so many things happening at once these days, but one thing we can all agree on is that one of the truly big issues concerning society today is whether or not the Weeknd and Bella Hadid are back together or not. Am I right or am I right?

Predictably, the lovely folks over at TMZ managed to get a video of the two lovebirds at a Cannes Film Festival party on Thursday night. The clip shows the two of them apparently greeting each other in the classic European way to great an ex-lover: with a quick kiss on the cheek. Then, the riveting video shows that the two spend a significant amount of time near each other, either talking to each other or other people. The big finale is a shot of the two for-real kissing. TMZ also got a photo of the two leaving the party together. 

These two have been toying with our emotions for quite some time now. The first time they were spotted together after their breakup nearly 18 months ago was during Coachella in April. Initially, we were inclined to believe reports the pair were “kissing all night” at the California festival, but Bella shut those rumors down after she denied she was the one Abel was kissing.

As everyone on Earth should know, Abel dated Bella before he dated Selena Gomez, who he broke up with around November 2017. Just weeks after that, Abel and Bella were reportedly hanging out, and he was spotted leaving Bella’s New York apartment. Many also strongly believed Abel was singing about both Bella and Selena on his most recent project, My Dear Melancholy, even though the connections are tenuous at best.

Look, a lot of things are bad right now, so if you want to go down the rabbit hole that is the love life of a couple of hot celebrities, I won't judge.