Louis VI, the skilled producer, rapper and singer from London, stepped out in a big way in 2016 when he released his debut EP, Lonely Road Of The Dreamer, and introduced his electronic-meets-jazz-rap sound to the world. Since then, he has worked with the likes of Mick Jenkins and been supported by Saint Heron—Solange's popular website. Today, Louis unveils his latest offering: the visuals for his new single, "Confidence". Featuring jazz queen Nubya Garcia on sax, with extra production work from Jowin, we get to see what the current fuss around British jazz is all about.

In an email to COMPLEX, Louis explained: "This track is an expression of a man trying to show confidence to a girl. 'Confidence' is about some unfulfilled love in the hood; a man and a woman falling for each other, but not saying anything about it because they know she's in a relationship. If they could just both show some confidence then maybe they would have something real; instead, they're both hiding from the truth because it is easier. Love is a complex thing, and running from reality is something that happens a lot."

Peep Louis VI's take on singing in the rain in the video above.